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Majees HVAC deals in the trading & distribution of advanced technology products & accessories in the field of Heating, Venitlation,
Air Conditioning and Refrigeration. As a general trading division, we offer a wide range of merchandise from our business partners
to satisfy the requirements of our customers.

Authorized Distributors For

BRYAN BOILERS, Boiler technology leadership since 1916. The leader in the production of flexible water tube boilers,99 years of continuous boiler technology improvements followed, delivering higher and higher boiler efficiencies.


Specialized in:

  • Electric Boilers
  • Knockdown Boilers
  • Indirect Pool Heaters
  • Indirect Water Heaters
  • Forced Draft Boilers
  • Condensing Boilers

CONDAIR is the leading manufacturer and provider of complete solutions in the areas of humidification and evaporative cooling. Operates production sites in Europe, North America and China, are represented in 15 counties with distribution partners in more than 50 locations worldwide.


Specialized in:

  • Steam / Isothermal humidifiers
  • In-duct adiabatic humidifiers
  • Direct – Room spray humidifiers
  • Mobile humidifiers
  • In-duct evaporative cooling
  • Exhaust Gas Heat Recuperation

KLINVER, The air handling units are an extremely complete and articulated answer to the requirements of air handling in civil and industrial plant engineering. KLINVER air handling units are expressly designed to satisfy every request of any hydraulic plant.


Specialized Construction includes:

  • Fan sections are equipped with Fan-motor
  • Fan-motor set mounted on a shock absorber support
  • Fixed at the base to rubber anti vibration damping
  • Fans are double inlet centrifugal type
  • Fans are made of galvanized steel sheet

CAIN, in business since 1935, offering the professional duct contractors and roofing contractors a complete line of quality parts and accessories. With Cain you are assured of the finest in air distribution, roofing components and accessories.


Specialized in:

  • Flexible Duct Connectors
  • Turning Vane & Rails
  • Damper Hardware
  • Duct Liner Fasteners
  • Fast Curing Adhesives & Sealants

INDEECO designs &manufactures a complete line of heating equipment including space heaters, industrial component heaters & electronic controls.


Specialized in:

  • Electric Duct Heaters
  • Commercial & Industrial Heating
  • Tubular and Finned Tubular Heating Elements
  • Electric Immersion Heaters
  • Explosion-Proof Heaters
  • Circulation Heaters
  • Process Air Heaters

Ideal (VS) Ltd began operations in 1984, represent over 110 years of research and development and proven experience in HVAC performance technology.Providing services to customers worldwide from Militown, New Jersey and operations facility in Houston, Texas.


Specialized in:

  • Adhesives
  • Vapor Barriers
  • Aluminum Tapes
  • FSK Tapes
  • Glass cloth

Vibration Management Corporation (VIMCO™) having Headquarters and manufacturing facilities in Houston, Texasis one of the leading US manufacturers of engineered vibration and noise control solutions with their products installed extensively worldwide.


Specialized in:

• Seismic Engineering

• Inertia Bases

• Floating Floors

• Vibration isolation products

• Piping supports

• Ducting Accessories

MEAPTRON, air curtains provide an engineered thermal barrier or interior separation device for industrial, cold storage and personnel door applications.Contemporary Design includes Exclusive corrosion-proof, heavy-duty aluminum alloy cabinet with chip resistant powder-coated finish.


Specialized Features includes:

  • High efficiency, low noise motors with built-in overload protection.
  • Full length, one-piece vanes allow easy flexible air directional control.
  • Dynamically balanced, curved double inlet double width corrosion resistant blower wheels.
  • Dual speed switch offered as standard on all models to maximize energy savings.
  • Maintenance-free long life bearings permanently lubricated for corrosion protection.



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