Majees and their JV partners execute EPC & BOOM projects in Oil & Gas, Chemical EOR & Produced Water Treatment. We also provide High End Process Engineering Solutions, Electrical & Instrumentation Solutions, Startup, Operation & Maintenance Services

Pressure Vessels & Tanks

Process package skids

Heat Transfer equipment

Piping spool prefabrication

Structural fabrication

Coating & Insulation


EPC of Storage tanks

EPC of oil & Gas facility

Oil & Gas facility –equipment, structure & piping erection

Industrial factory installation

Pipelines & Flowlines – (CS, SS, DSS)

Dismantling and packing of Industrial plants

Secondment of skilled manpower


Refurbishment of Heat transfer equipment

Storage tank cleaning and maintenance

Pressure vessel & process skids upgrade

Valve repair and certification

Pipeline restoration using composite repair

Annual process plant shutdowns

Manufacturing of OEM spares


Process Heat Equipment

Process Equipment And Skids For Oil And Gas Treatment

Process Transportation Equipment

Water ,Wastewater And Produced Water Treatment Packages

Pipes, Flanges & Fittings, Tubes, Plates

Pumps & valves



Majees serves the oil & gas industry, refineries, petrochemical projects, power plants, industrial plants as well as power transmission & distribution networks. Works undertaken by this division will be turnkey construction projects related to Plant facilities construction, Pipelines and large diameter storage tanks.

Our capabilities include design, procurement, fabrication, installation, testing, painting and commissioning of tanks. We have capability and resources to erect tanks of various sizes and to API standards.

Majees has experience of constructing flow lines as per Client’s standards. Crew will be setup as per the progress requirement of the Client. Scope of services offered includes laying, road crossing, hydro testing and commissioning of the line.

Majees has experience of pipeline construction in difficult terrain and schedule. Services offered include laying, hydro testing and commissioning of the line.

Our capability in this segment covers bottom plate replacement, coating repairs, shell and roof plates repairs. Weave resources to conduct the various inspections as well as carry out hydro testing of tanks as per procedures. Our team has expertise to repair floating roof of tanks, including fabrication and sourcing of components for repair

We have experience in erection of Equipment in process as well as industrial facilities. Our crew is experienced in erecting sophisticated and complicated equipment with difficult access. We also have the capability to assist in pre-commissioning and commissioning activities under supervision of the OEM vendor representative.

We have extensive experience in dismantling and packing of existing plants for re-export to Purchaser’s country. Our team is familiar with the packing requirements to comply with various regulations in various countries as well as to ensure seaworthy packing.

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Full Insurance

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Our commitment to the job, quality of work, earnestness to provide Effective Solutions and desire to surpass Client expectations has consistently earned repeat business from our esteemed clients. Our facilities are certified by ASME. 

We offer a full range of solutions – right from fabrication of a part to complete process solutions.

We have design capabilities complimented by associates that can carry out detail engineering to Customer specifications. Large and well-equipped workshops allow us for design, fabrication, assembling, testing and pre-commissioning of equipment packages using modern production processes. These processes are monitored and controlled using rigorous Quality, Safety and Planning systems – systems which has been fine-tuned with years of learning curves and continuous improvement.

modular process skids

pressure vessels

heat transfer equipment



vessel repairs

storage tanks - pre fabrication

piping - pre fabrication



Majees carries out valve refurbishment, Other activities related to maintenance includes Repair Wellhead Equipment, Machining, Cleaning of Heat Exchanger Tubes, Thermal spraying & coating services, Hydraulic Bolt Tensioning, Flange Facing (on Site Machining), calibration of equipment, maintenance of Rotating Equipment, Tank cleaning & rehabilitation, Pipeline maintenance services. This division also does onsite maintenance works in Industrial, Petrochemical complexes, Refineries and Oil& Gas facilities. Main revenue area for this division will be Storage tank repair works, turnaround and shutdown works as well as long term contract for preventive and corrective maintenance.

Dismantling & disconnecting of WBH and accessories. Nitrogen Purging of Heater & pipeline at 3 bars. Pressure test for tube bundle & leak test for water bath heater

Refilling of WBH with portable water with required corrosion inhibitor Nalcool 2000/ Trac102 to achieve required nitrate level

Removal of tube bundle & carry out Hydro jetting of components. Hydrotesting

We have the required resources and people to repair any type of valves including ESD and Control Valves. Our infrastructure, experienced people and resources allow us to repair the valves at sites – which is ideal for shutdown works

Hydrotesting of pipelines is a very specialized job and requires considerable expertise and experience. Based on the work scope and requirement, necessary resources will be deployed to ensure that pipeline is tested safely and accurately. We are also able to provide Pneumatic Testing Services to client satisfaction.

We have well established workshops in Sohar to undertake any type of machining and repair works. Specialized works that require precision and finish beyond our range will be executed through our associates.

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Engineering Procurement Construction Pre commissioning & Commissioning of skim tank including its process warranty.

Construction of storage tanks for BISAT PRODUCTION FACILITY -BISAT-C 

Al Barakah Rental Station – Construction

Engineering , Procurement , Construction and Commissioning De-hydration tank & Gas boot vessel

EPC for Upgradation of AP/LP Flare Systems at B Block

Engineering Procurement and Fabrication of sulfuric acid storage vessel


Enerflex Middle East LLC – An Omani Registered Company, it focuses on EPC and Design, Build, Own & Operate projects for gas field development in addition to design & supply of various gas processing equipment / packages.

 In partnership with SNF France, a leader in Polymer technology for Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR),  we provide polymer production and injection technology as well as supply chemicals required from the warehouse at Salalah.